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Setup Microsoft email Multi-factor authentication
Last Updated 3 years ago

1. Download the Microsoft Outlook application from the Play Store (Android) / Apple Store


2. Depending on which smartphone you have:

- Download the "Intune company portal" app from the Play Store for Android

- Download the "Microsoft Authenticator" app for iPhone from the App Store

NB: these applications do not have to be configured, it is sufficient that they are installed on the smartphon


3. Once the two Apps have been installed (see points 1 and 2), you can proceed with the configuration:

Open the Outlook application and start the configuration by entering your email address (when and if requested, enter the numeric code received via SMS)


4. During setup you may be asked to register your device.

In this case, click on "Register" and wait for the configuration to finish


5. At the end of configuration, this message will appear, a sign that Outlook is configured with Company policies and is ready for use.

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